In english

Welcome to GIH and the student union (GIH Studentkår). Here we have gathered some basic information in english. If the information below does not provide you with an answer to your questions, please contact us at

What does the student union do?

The student union at GIH is engaged in the student perspective on the edication. We aim at having students participating in their own environment and education. Our main areas of work is to monitor the education through being active in all the decisions which affect the students, to help to create a social study environment which feels safe and contributes to a sense of community between students and to provide certain services. These services include mainly to manage student complaints on the education, help with membership in the student union, and providing clothes, books and other utensils for sale. Moreover, since the student union is voluntarily based, it also strives to create a sustainable organization in which students can be active while studying.


Anyone who is a student or doing their PhD at GIH can become a member of the student union. The membership costs 150 SEK/semester and if you are an international student this needs to be payed at our office, since it is not possible to administrate memberships without a full social security number through the web. (Our opening hours are at the bottom of the page under ”öppettider”).

As a member of the student union you get a lot of benefits. You do get the mecenat card which gives you extensive discounts on for instance travels with SL and SJ and literature in bookstores. See for further information. You also get a discount on all our merchandise such as literature and books. Furthermore you get a lower membership fee for our sports union GIH IF and most of all, you contribute to our possibility to make sure you have a good study environment and your rights are being looked after.

Your rights as a student

One of the most important things for us is that you know your rights as a student. Both your rights with respect to the law but also your rights with regards to for example examinations, schedule, if it is OK to change times and dates of lectures etc. Most of the policy documents at GIH are in Swedish. Therefore we urge you to write to us or come by us if you have any questions regarding the rules.

The student union frequently addresses issues with the school regarding following the rules and also manage errands regarding discrimination and other related incidents. If you ever feel mistreated or are unsure of what is okay and not, you can always contact us and we’ll help you!

Lastly, if you feel like we missed something or have further questions- please contact us an!